University of Iceland – A Fruitful Cooperation throughout 2016


Matís cooperated well and successfully with the University of Iceland (UI) in 2016 with a formal collaboration agreement on teaching and research. The cooperation is not new; UI and Matís have worked together for almost 40 years now.

The scientists of the future have been trained during their doctoral and masters work at Matís, many of them in cooperation with the University of Iceland, United Nations University – Fisheries Training Programmeme , UNU-FTP, other universities in Iceland
and other countries.

Cooperation with the Food Science Department at the University has a long history. Teaching the BS curriculum in food science started in 1978 with initiative and support from the Icelandic Fisheries Institute and the Agricultural Research Institute that Matís inherited when it was founded in 2007. At that time, university education in food science was in crisis and was about to close due to too few enrollment of food science students. The decision was taken to join forces in 2011. The syllabus was reviewed; a formal Master’s program was launched and new courses were designed. Matís took responsibility for designing the Master’s program.

Research, teaching and human resources are shared, with the goal of being at the forefront in food science and biotechnology. Combining available knowledge and skills is also important for innovation and adding value to the food and biotechnology industries. The agreement is the foundation for enhancing academic and practical training in food research and food safety as well as in other areas of teaching and research.

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