Value Chain and Sustainability

Value chain and sustainability research within Matís brings a systemic approach to the value chain, providing directed research and analysis to support all sectors of the food industry in order to promote sustainable utilization of opportunities. Sustainable utilization of natural resources is key importance for future economic growt.

We look at how industry changes will affect critical factors for our partners, such as profitability, food safety, ecological impact and sustainability. Working with associations of the fisheries industry, large and small alike, we enable those who have traditionally lacked the resources to access such expertise, acquired partly with incorporation of traceability, and make informed decisions. Based on research results, programs developed in order to encourage the implementation of developments by individual members. We also work with all sectors, including associations and collective groups, on industry-wide initiatives, such as implementing traceability programs.

The proposed developments we investigate may be simple or enormously complex, from a change in marketing strategy for a fisherman’s collective to revisions in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Example of projects:

  • Revisions to the CFP, improving management and legislation of the entire fishing industry in Europe
  • The potential benefit of separate marketing for North Atlantic line caught whitefish
  • Profit forecasts to changing processing practices in the cod fishery