Matís COVID-19 statement for the MAKEathon:

During the MAKEathon of September 2020 organised by Matís, around Iceland in Reykjavík, Akureyri, Neskaupstaður and Bolungarvík, Matís is declaring on the honor, that: 

-Every precaution is taken to prevent the spread of the virus COVID –19  in the FabLabs collaborating with us. 

-Each location will be following: a social distancing of 2m – people are obliged to wear masks and used hand-sanitizer and gloves.  

-The participants can be part of the event completely ONLINE. There is no obligation to go and prototype in the FabLab, this part is optional. 

-A schedule is put in place to limit the numbers of participants in the Fablab. 

-Only one person in the teams is allowed to touch the machines and materials 

-For the event in Bolungarvík/ Ísafjörður: the event is reserved only to the students of one class from the University of the Westfjörð. No external participants will be accepted. The students will follow the rules put in place by the University of the Westfjörð regarding the limitation of the COVID-19 spread. 

-Information regarding COVID-19 will be send out to participant before the events starts.