Implementing with impact for increased value creation based on SDG17

Matís is a science and knowledge community. The community is built on strong research infrastructure and solid industrial collaboration. The biggest part of Matís’ operations is in science especially in research and innovation; diverse projects (big and small), and projects done with domestic companies and international research projects alike. Results are delivered through research and innovation and it is of great importance to see to that the results are adapted efficiently for change and evolution. In order for the research efforts to yield the intended outcome, it is important to introduce and apply new knowledge purposively into daily operations.

Those of us who are working in the division have a goal to maximize the effect of investments in research and innovation. We do this best by supporting our customers in achieving increased value creation, food safety and public health using the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as the base. This happens through good collaboration with companies and associations and cooperation amongst themselves — all in the spirit that has always shaped Matís’ work. By introducing solutions based on knowledge and research into companies’ operations, we believe we can positively influence their evolution, growth and value creation.


    The collaboration between the division and companies comes in different forms. Consultancy is tightly entwined in our work, and the goal is to increase this facet in coming years. This includes advising our customers on the best ways to introduce change and development projects. For this purpose, there is sometimes a need for more extensive projects. Other cases could involve holding courses or assisting by telephone or digital communications such as Matís’ online store. The technologies vary, but the goal is the same.

    Our hope is that, through new organization, we have laid the foundation for broader communications with companies in Iceland and abroad, based on their wishes and needs. We have extensive knowledge and creativity to offer. Backing us up is Matís’ robust research, which is of great value to the business community.

    Research efforts bring about opportunities. There is no doubt about it. Statistics show that more money is invested in research and innovation than before, in the form of both support from research funds and increased funding that companies contribute to this activity. However, we have quite a way to go to achieve an acceptable ratio between national income and research and innovation effort in the food sector; here Europe is behind both Japan and The United States.

    One influential factor is understanding, including understanding of the essence of Matís’ efforts. Through sharing, we can open individuals’ eyes to the importance of research and development regarding public health, value creation and food safety. As the President of Iceland pointed out when opening Seafood Conference Iceland 2016, the connection between communities and fisheries has unraveled as it did for agriculture not so long ago. Opportunities are entailed in shedding light on how things are set up with value creation in the bioeconomy, both for agriculture and fisheries sectors. Mutual understanding can facilitate efficient decision-making for evolution.

    Long-term commitment is required when doing research and innovation but the results of the hard work are great in most case. Our function is to ensure gain for our customers — results from the hard work, benefitting the everyone.