Matís and the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

The company has from the beginning systematically emphasized international cooperation in research projects and has good connections and earned good reputation in international RD community. Matís’ employees are well educated and have experience in foreign collaboration and their cooperation is sought after. Through international research projects Matís also gains access to knowledge and equipment that is not available in Iceland.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

Matís participates in 22 FP7 projects and thereof an employee of Matís is coordinator in six projects. The total amount that Matís receives through these projects is approximately 1.8 m Euros which is a considerable contribution to Icelandic research community. This level of participation shows that Matís has good reputation in the research community and it is fully comparable to similar foreign research companies.


    Following is a list over Matís’s current FP7 projects. Matís employee is a coordinator in projects marked with a star.

    With increased international research cooperation a new dimension has been added to Icelandic society. Fishing and exportation of fresh and processed fish products has for a long time been Iceland’s main industry. With increased international research participation new opportunities arise which can be used to develop new products and equipment for the fishing industry as well as for other industries.

    Matís is also an applicant for various projects under the Horizon 2020 realm.