The FutureKitchen virtual reality and Eating Healthy video infotainment series

Partners: Matís (lead), IMDEA, EUFIC, University of Cambridge, Döhler, NaturalMachines, Flatev, Agrilution and Eskesso

Duration: January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019


    Project description:

    Creative Infotaining is the most efficient, engaging way to promote knowledge transfer among the younger generations (Millennials and the iGeneration). A series, to debut on the FoodUnfolded© website, will encourage learning and sharing with others through virtual reality, video, and animation content on food sustainability, the food journey from farm/marine to fork, eating healthy and cooking, and innovation in the food sector.  Incorporating RisingFoodStar smart kitchen devices will strengthen the series content and a fun, consumer connection to new food technologies, food waste, food careers, and entrepreneurship. The activity leading up to the series and the series itself aim to make an unforgettable experience, in which knowledge is retained and applied to improve the  consumers´ trust, relationship with food, and co-created change with academia and industry.