Requests and Ordering Information

For us to be able to provide you with accurate and fast services, we kindly advise you to read the following instructions carefully.


Samples for analysis should always be accompanied by a sampling form (download below) listing all the names with which the samples in the batch are marked and the type(s) of analysis requested. If a sample reference is to be referred to, always note that reference on the form. Other important information or instructions should be included on the sampling form.


    Mark samples with waterproof labels or ink. Matís can provide sampling kits for samples submitted for analysis (most sample containers are provided free of charge) and also handling instructions for different kinds of analysis. Please use the contacts below to request sampling kits or further information.

    Specific handling requirements differ between types of sample and analyses involved. In general however, samples should be kept below 10°C and reach the laboratory within 24 hours from collection. Please contact us for specific instructions.

    Note: Please ensure that the samples will arrive within the time and at the temperature indicated above.

    Sampling forms for food and water samples: