Analytical Services

Matís is the designated National Laboratory for food safety analysis. We operate the most advanced laboratory in Iceland for chemical and microbiological analyses. We provide chemical and microbiological analytical services for the national regulatory authorities, private companies and to the public.

Analyses can be performed on all types of samples, such as food products, drinking and bathing water, pharmaceuticals, sewage and environmental samples. Thousands of samples are analysed annually. Other activities of the analytical laboratories include international participation in development and validation of analytical reference methods, as well as development of guidelines and quality procedures for analytical laboratories.

Hrönn Ólína Jörundsdóttir


The analytical services at Matís are accredited according to the IST/ISO 17025/2005 standard by the Swedish accreditation body Swedac. The accreditation ensures that Matís is able to provide a service of satisfactory quality standard that full fills the demands of the clients and will leave no doubt as to the reliability, correctness and impartiality of the test results.

Detailed listing of our analytical services:

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