Improved utilization of infrastructure and knowledge

The Analysis and Infrastructure Division came out of the Matís organizational changes a few years back. Multiple goals for strengthening Matís’ operations as a whole underlied the changes—increased utilization of the infrastructure for the Research and Innovation Division, cutting across all internal work. At the same time, opportunities open up for more tailored services for customers in the food industry in Iceland, at governmental companies and institutions, amongst researchers, etc. The basis for work in the Analysis and Infrastructure Division involves Matís’ internal work, i.e. services for the company’s other divisions, in addition to the research the division itself is doing.  In this sense, Matís is one of the division’s numerous “customers”.

Every day, we are aware of performing, with integrity, the important function we have regarding food safety in Iceland. The operations of the “National Reference Laboratory”, to which the division belongs, reflect this. States in Europe are duty-bound to nominate such a laboratory to enforce the provisions of European food legislation. Iceland has adopted this duty through the EEA Agreement. Together, these laboratories form a network throughout the entire continent.


    The National Reference Laboratories’ operations are therefore an important part of facilitating the transport of food products between European countries and opening the European market for Icelandic producers. At the same time, they increase all aspects of such shipments’ safety since everyone works in accordance with the same requirements and rules. The Groups of Chemical Analysis and Microbial Analysis comprise 21 fields. At the end of 2016, Matís had been designated as the National Reference Laboratory for 14 of these fields. This is an example of Matís’ growing role in food safety in Iceland.

    The groups have many customers, and they ask for diverse services. Matís has provided analytical services since the company was founded 10 years ago. It still provides them. This involves services for companies in industry as well as governmental units.

    In its research in previous years, Matís has built up knowledge and equipment infrastructure. We deem it important to offer this to other parties engaging in research, for example, parties in the university environment. In this way, the knowledge is better utilized. As researchers’ cooperation increases, there is better utilization of equipment and funding. Researchers have certainly cooperated for many years. However, with the changes in our organizational chart and operations, we deem that Matís is contributing to the furthering of increased cooperation in the research community here in Iceland.

    In coming years, Matís’ research and services will emphasize the bioeconomy and future opportunities in it. Like all things in our world, research changes and evolves over the long run. Today, research projects are more interdisciplinary and more integrated than before and more consideration goes into the overall context of research projects. This precisely entails one of Matís’ strengths diversity of knowledge as well as knowledge of very delimited research.